One month ago...

Almost one month ago i stopped writing in this blog. The true reasons were a lot of work, and a huge pressure for deliver projects in time.

Nothing has been happening in the software center. Really! NOTHING... The same companies, the same workers, the same faces... When you walk by, you can see empty offices, with one chair, one table, even one flower. Nothing more. What's up? Nothing important really, because almost every company have other offices somewhere in the city.

I don't have camera, and believe or not, it's another reason for not posting. Letter by themselves are boring, rigth? I mean, maybe a book would be cool but not if you're talking about a place. I promise buy a camera within the next few days.

Well, see ya!

P.S. Project Manager: i need more time for this blog!

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demonio said...

and we re back againg